Monday, September 10, 2012

Debugging CImg Code Under XCode

I frequently use CImg to perform basic image operations like loading, saving and resizing. However trying to debug code using the CImg library under XCode has been problematic, since i) CImg uses ImageMagick executables to perform format conversions and ii) XCode doesn't check the system $PATH variable when debugging.

To get around this, you can explicitly specify the path to the ImageMagick executables in your code.  This avoids the command-not-found error that otherwise occurs when using CImg through the debugger.  You can dink around with trying to bend XCode to your will, but I've found this is just way easier.

Here's the related code, note you will need to change the path to suit your system:

cimg::imagemagick_path( "/usr/local/bin/convert" );

I put this at the beginning of the code's main(.) function allowing proper debugging.

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