Friday, May 4, 2012

Stochastic Tomography paper accepted to SIGGRAPH!

My most recent project has just been accepted to SIGGRAPH 2012!  The paper is called Stochastic Tomography and its Applications in 3D Imaging of Mixing Fluids, more information (including the paper, submission video and datasets) can be found on the project site:  

The paper presents a new method for tomographic reconstruction based on a point-sampling process similar to the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm.  In the paper this is applied to building reconstructions of a fluorescent dye mixing with alcohol from multi-view video.  The algorithm is well suited to this task since it allows arbitrary projections and is naturally adaptive.  It is also very straightforward to incorporate effectively any regularizer into the algorithm, allowing application specific prior-knowledge to be exploited during the reconstruction process.

I hope to post a bit more about the hardware setup that is used for this project in the new week or so.

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