Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hex-Meshing Paper Published!

Quite delayed in posting this, but my paper, All-Hex Mesh Generation via Volumetric PolyCube Deformation (joint work with Alla Sheffer and Eugene Zhange) was published in SGP2011! This paper dealt with how to automatically generate a lego-like PolyCube version of an object that could then be meshed with hexahedral elements (distorted cubes).  This is a very difficult problem with big application in industry, although this paper is just a stepping stone in the road to automatic all-hex mesh generation.

The image above shows a PolyCube automatically generated from the geometry that is hex-meshed on the right.  Only hexahedral elements are present in the output mesh and the minimum element quality is often very high, although this is not guaranteed by the method.

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